Notice Inviting Quotations

Sealed Quotation arc hereby invited by the Chairman of the West Bengal Gurung and Cultural Darjeeling from the; bonafide and resourced Firm / Agency / Self Help Group / Organization for the

Supply of  Gurung Traditional Dresses, Musical  Instruments and Jewellery Items.

Name or the Material to be supplied :

l. Female Garments

  1. Kramu (shawl).
  2. Mend” Faghe
  3. TimIa.
  4. KneYOO (Lungghe),
  5. paalu (Cholow).
  6. Ghalek

2. Ornament

  1. Marung (Gold Jantei)
  2. Perukur (Munga mala)

3. Male Garments

  1. Fule (Sheep wool cap).
  2. Palu (Voto shirt).
  3. Faghe (Paluka)
  4. Kasha (Lunge, Kachar),
  5. Henggha (Bangro),
  6. Bhaku (Ghom)

4. Instruments

    1. Ngo (ek patey dhyangre),
    2. Salejo (Dumphoo),
    3. Tunga

Eligibility of the Supplier :

Should have PAN/ VAT Registration/ up to date P.Tax, P. Tax
Challan/IT Returns/ Registration Certificate for SHG.]

Date or Publishing quotation: 24.01.2019 ( at 12.00 Hrs)
Last Date & Time or dropping Quotation: 01.02.2019 ( up to 16.00 Hrs)

Date & Time for opening Quotation: 30.01.2019 (at 11.OO Hrs)

Time of Completion of Work:: Within ( seven) days from the receipt of Supply Order

  1. All necessary certificates should be submitted along with quotation document.
  2. All necessary deductions will be made as per the Govt. Rules and Regulations from the bill.
  3. The Tendering Authority reserves the right to accept/ reject. any/ all tenders in the pan or full ‘without
    assigning any reasons whatsoever.
  4. No advantages can be taken by any Tenderers on error or omission in the quotation documents. The
  5. The decision of the Tendering Authority shall be final and binding.

(Official Note) Copy forwarded for information and necessary action to :

  1. The District Magistrate, Darjeeling
  2. The Project Director. DRDC, GTA, Darjeeling
  3. The District Officer of SHG & SE, Darjeeling
  4. The District Library Officer, Darjeeling
  5. The Block Development Officers, (ALL) for Wide Circulation
  6. The District Social Officer, Darjeeling
  7. DIO NIC, Darjeeling with a request to upload NIQ in the official portal of Darjeeling District
  8. Shri Saroj Gurung, he is requested to upload NIQ in the official website of The West Bengal Gurung Development & Cultural Board , Darjeeling
  9. Office Notice Board

Approved By
Mr. Khagendra Gurung
The Chairman,
West Bengal Gurung Development & Cultural Board.